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Soy Gin Pork


Who doesn’t like pork? Well, it’s one of those meats that kind of take to any kind of sauce or flavoring that you put on it.  I make a great sauce, it’s called Soy Gin Sauce.  It’s really soy and ginger, but ginger is too long of a word to get on my label. So we just made it Soy Gin Sauce. You take your pork, put it in a pan, season it with a little bit and maybe put some onions on it. Then you pour the Soy Gin Sauce over it until the meat is completely covered, then you pop it in the oven and let it cook.  I’m not giving you any times for it, but you will know how long to have it cooking, because you will smell it when it’s done. And man when it smells done, I mean it’s the most fantastic party for your nostrils.  Now with this sauce you can take any cuts of pork, cut it up small or into strips. You can marinate those with the Soy Gin Sauce and then pour more sauce to it and pop it in the oven. You can add a little flour to it, make a little gravy, it will thicken as it cooks in the Soy Gin Sauce. It’s really good, soy and ginger with lots of garlic and it’s got a nice bite to it too a very nice bit. Try it. Try it on chicken as well and any cuts of pork. You can marinate pork chops with it, but start the dish as it starts out and then add your own touches to it. Again, make it your own thing. Send me the recipe. 

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