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cooking “soul food”

When people ask me about soul food, I tell them that I have been cooking “soul food” for many years – only we did not call it soul food.  
We just called it real good cooking, southern style. 
This Style of cooking is not about fancy  it’s about making  it right. To begin with soul food starts with down to earth basic honest preparation in the use of what’s  available. 
Using it  with love and attention to create 
something special.  It is delicious food, but does not depend on many frills.  Sauces, for example, are used because they taste good; never just to dress up a dish.  It’s tradition is sincere – because the good cooks who prepared it always worked with their whole heart, doing the best they could with what they had on hand  making  sure that their 
dishes would be enjoyed by all who sat down to eat. 

However if you want to be real technical on the subject, while all soul food is southern food, not all-southern food is “soul food”. Soul food cooking is an example of how really good southern Creole cooks cooked with what they had available to them, such as chickens from their own back yard 
and collard greens they grew themselves, as well home-cured ham, and bakin’ powder biscuits.
 In addition, These southern families had an 
understanding and knowledge of herbs, spices, and seasonings and have known how to use them. 
It is only recently that soul food has been 
rediscovered, and appreciated. Revealing  the 
magic that has made it so good for so many 
I consider this good news.  
Maybe this means that there are more people around who have acquired “soul”. 
This collection of soul food recipes presented on this website  I have been gathering for many years.  A large number of these recipes were given to me by my grandmother, who got them, for the most part, from her grandmother. So, often 
they are not new, but only changed a bit to suit my own way of cooking. The evolution to more light and healthy cuisine is another recent influence which is considered in both recipe and creation of the final product.   
Each one has been served many times to my 
family and friends  as well as for the past thirty plus years to customers of Bless My Soul Cafe and before the cafés creation in 2001 Bless My Soul Catering catered in Southern California to the entertainment industry and catered many weddings, parties and events as Bless My Soul 
Catering was a caterer to the Mayor and city of Los Angeles for high level gatherings as well as huge music events  where we handled  the green rooms  for the entertainment ,  each one – not to 
brag, but it’s true – was praised and enjoyed.  I do 
hope you will try them on your friends and family 
with the same results.

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